Month: April 2020

White Bear Lake Lawn Mowing Service​

White Bear Lake Lawn Mowing Service​

The temperatures are rising and the great outdoors are greening up! The days are longer, and there is plenty of open space to enjoy the outdoors. Often, the one thing that keeps us from enjoying the weekends are lawn and garden chores.

stillwater lawn mowing service

Stillwater Lawn Mowing Service

The best decision you’ll make this year is to phone Chris Grady at Ideal Lawn Care Service. In less than 24 hours, you’ll have your pricing and be on the route schedule! GO ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!

Spring in the Minnesota Garden

With dreams of juicy red tomatoes and bright pink begonias, gardeners everywhere are eagerly swapping their winter mittens for gardening gloves. After all, when the calendar flips to April, spring gardening season is upon us.

Or is it? Depending on where you live, it can be tricky to know when to start digging in. While the daffodils bloom in Tennessee, the snow could still be falling in Minnesota. When is it safe to plant in your area, and how do you get started?

stillwater lawn mowing

The Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing

The singular most important practice to maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is proper mowing on a consistent basis. Just like other plants that benefit from pruning, fast-growing grass needs to be clipped off. As the plants grow and become denser, the lawn simply looks less tidy. The cosmetic benefit is the most rewarding result of a freshly mowed lawn. A nicely mowed lawn is calming and pleasant to look at for both the homeowner and visitors. A manicured lawn creates a pride of ownership that often becomes contagious in the neighborhood.

ideal lawn care mowing

Best Stillwater Lawn Care?

For a lawn care company to be considered the best Stillwater lawn care mowing service company in the area, it needs to be a company that you can depend on. Ideal Lawn Care Service shows up on time and on a regular schedule. Of course the weather can affect the schedule of any outdoor job, but Chris, the founder of Ideal Lawn is not going to forget about you just because it rains. This turf company will make sure your home is serviced and taken care of as soon as humanly possible!