The Many Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing

stillwater lawn mowing

The singular most important practice to maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn is proper mowing on a consistent basis.  Just like other plants that benefit from pruning, fast-growing grass needs to be clipped off.  As the plants grow and become denser, the lawn simply looks less tidy.  The cosmetic benefit is the most rewarding result of a freshly mowed lawn.  A nicely mowed lawn is calming and pleasant to look at for both the homeowner and visitors.  A manicured lawn creates a pride of ownership that often becomes contagious in the neighborhood.

When you have your lawn mowed regularly by Ideal Lawn Care Service your grass will grow more consistently and uniformly.  This is due to the fact that in an evenly mowed lawn, all grass receives the same amounts of sun and water.  The growth is more uniform.  Ample sun and water also allow the grasses to recover from cutting more quickly.  Consistency is very important in terms of health and looks. The overall appearance of the lawn becomes healthy and hearty.

In addition to aesthetics, consistent mowing also makes it easier to combat weeds.  When mowing regularly, you will never have to remove more than a third of the grass height at any given time.  By not cutting too short, the lawn is left thicker, thus minimizing the chance of weeds getting started.

An additional benefit of regular mowing is that yard debris does not have a chance to accumulate so that later it becomes harder to clean up. The fallen leaves can be mulched up easily, maintaining a clean appearance while adding valuable nutrients to the soil.  The cleanup jobs are minimized, relieving you from the mammoth task of collected debris removal.

The high RPM commercial mowers used by Ideal lawn care service contribute to mulching.  Grass and debris are chopped into tiny pieces that fall back on soil and in turn, become excellent natural fertilizer.

Another significant benefit of mowing your lawn regularly is in the conditioning and strengthening of grasses over time. After cutting the grass, the chutes that do the best are the hardiest and the healthiest ones. As you keep mowing, with every cut, the best shoots keep proliferating so that the grass becomes more and more resilient.

It is true that lawn mowing is not a very simple and easy task. It takes time and the right kind of technique and also involves physical exertion. That is why so many have turned to Chris Grady and Ideal Lawn Care Service. Once you weigh all the benefits, they are the best bang for your buck for mowing your lawn on a regular basis, leaving your lawn with the manicured look you’ll love.

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